Spikeomancy Divination Tool
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Ocassionally I do design work, but rarely. It has to be a project that really lights my fire, otherwise, my preference is always painting. This project was one of those! I teamed up with my friend Sindy Todo to bring to life the visual for this divination tool. Sindy originated the concept of Spikeomancy, and I produced the visuals. There are many aspects that I enjoyed about this: I'm fascinated by divination tools, I love old things; gears and rusty textures, and I very much enjoy the look of steampunk. So all of those elements came together in this project. And yes, I have one on my coffee table. I use it now and again for clarification, not to mention it's quite the conversation piece. 

What is Spikeomancy?

In the early 1800s steam engines criss-crossed their way across an infant nation. The newly built railroads rapidly expanded the country westward giving its citizens the freedom to grow their lives as they discovered endless plains, golden riches and, in the end, themselves.

Spikeomancy echoes these pioneer roots. Just as the railroads twisted, turned, and meandered, so do our lives. What direction will your future go? How do you change paths? Do you feel stuck or maybe just cautious? Are you starting something new or clearing away the past? Let your spirit point the way.

What do I get in my order?

  • 17x17" Spikeomancy mat. The top of the mat is a polyester cloth surface, and the back is a 1/8" dense black, open cell, sponge rubber base. This is a non-skid bottom like on the back of a mouse pad. 
  • 3.5" wooden cog which is the base of the spinner
  • 6" cast iron railroad spike which is placed on the wooden cog for spinning. 
  • Four page booklet containing the instructions with accompanying sixty different possible answers to your unique questions.
  • Spikeomancy is shipped in a heavy duty 4" tube.

Spikeomancy Divination Tool

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