FECUNDITY 13x19" Limited Edition Print
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This is a limited edition of 750, printed on watercolor paper. The size of this print is 13 x 19". Each print is signed and numbered in gold.

This print is shipped in a 3" mailing tube.


Story Behind the Art

Art Description:

Color: Green spell
Location: Shady spot in a jungle
Action: A human skeleton has become the planting ground for a wild array of plants, with green tendrils and brightly colored flowers. The skeleton was armored, but the armor is covered by mold. The skeleton itself might even be a second read here, there’s so much plantlife growing on it. Perhaps two especially large flowers grow out of the eye sockets, and maybe a beam of green-gold light illuminates the skull to give the scene a magical feel. 
Focus: The burgeoning plant life and its skeleton-planter
Mood: Out of death springs beautiful life.


Fecundity - Limited Edition (750) 13x19"

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