Guru Lands
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A set of 5, open edition (8.5x11") signed in gold, printed on archival matte paper.  

Back in 1999 Wizards of the Coast offered a promotion to encourage people to teach their friends to play Magic called, "The Guru program". The five lands shown here were included in this program as giveaways. These illustrations depict the phases of a double eclipse transitioning through each of the land cards, beginning with the plains and ending with the swamp. These are some of the most unique and expensive lands available. 

When I was commissioned to illustrate this set, I was given a great deal of flexibility as to how I could portray them. The art director basically said, "Just do something that looks cool". For inspiration, I looked at old style medical illustrations, scientific diagrams and ancient maps.  I painted each image with acrylic and hints of colored pencil, airbrush and gold leaf.

Guru Land Set- Open Edition Prints

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