Pattern of Rebirth 13x19" Limited Edition Print
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This is a limited edition of 750, printed on watercolor paper. The size of this print is 13 x 19". Each print is signed and numbered in gold.

This print is shipped in a 3" mailing tube.


Story Behind the Art

Art Description:
Color: Green spell
Location: Unimportant/abstract
Action: We’d like to see your best abstract take on the idea of a pattern of reincarnation or rebirth. Perhaps on one side we see a human passing peacefully into death. They could be any gender or ethnicity, and they might be old, as though dying of old age. On the other side we might see some big, noble beast—perhaps a real-world creature like an elephant or rhino, or perhaps a fantasy creature like a dragon or a made-up beastie. The person is dying, and the larger creature is coming into existence.

Focus: The cyclical rebirth
Mood: Wonder and awe at an eternal cycle


Pattern of Rebirth - Limited Edition (750) 13x19"

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