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NOW AVAILABLE! Tokens of Spirit Essential and Premium Layered Foil-Finish are now in the store.

Regarding playmats: We've added thirteen new stitched-edge playmats featuring the most popular Tokens of Spirit art for those of you that were not able to get those during the Kickstarter!

MtG playmats will be phasing out of the store as our email inquiries to WotC regarding reprints have gone unanswered. We apologize that we are unable to accommodate all of your requests for those at this time.


I have cards I'd love to have Terese sign. Is it possible for her to do that?

Terese appreciates her fans very much! She still signs cards through the mail. Please click here for information on how to get your cards signed. 


What kind of packaging is used to ship the original art and prints?

We make every effort to package the work so that it arrives safely. If for some reason it arrives damaged then contact us immediately.

The large limited edition prints are shipped in sturdy 3" tubes.

Small 8.5x11" prints are shipped in sturdy 9x12" mailers.


How long before my order ships?

Orders are generally shipped Monday-Friday within 48 hours of receiving payment. 


 What if I don't see the print or original art that I'm looking for?

The website is continually being updated with old and new work. Feel free to contact us with questions if you're looking for a particular image.


I LOVE the "Extreme Alterations" Terese does and would REALLY be interested in commissioning her to do some for me. 

Terese is not currently creating custom alterations for collectors. From time to time she may do one, and list it on eBay. But she is taking some time over the next few months to bring to life some of her own personal ideas. So, she is not adding people to a waiting list right now. We apologize for not being able to commission her for alterations at this time. If you would like to find out if she ever puts one on eBay please LIKE "The Art of Terese Nielsen" on Facebook. She lets everyone there know first, what's going on. 


I'm very interested in a piece of original art but can't pay the entire amount right now? Is it possible to arrange a payment plan.

Terese does this frequently with collectors. Payments are made each month. When the final payment is received, the art is prepared and shipped out. Please contact her with specific questions about which piece you're interested in, the amount and the specifics of the payment plan. 







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